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Thursday, 23 June 2011

My Friend the Fireman

This is not a normal post for me as I wanted to keep my blog purely paper crafting. I guess sometimes I need to break my own rules.
I made this card for my dear friend Roy that has been battling cancer for the last year and a half.  Roy was the best father and husband I had ever known  and he could sling a wrench better than anybody! Yes, he has helped me out with his trusty tool box many times. He was an extremely dedicated fireman and loved anything fire department related. I don't know why this seems to happen to people that give more to the world than they take. I bought this template from Lynn Pratt since I knew Roy would get a kick out of it. I know it's silly to give a grown man a kids card but it did bring a smile to his face.  I went for a visit on Tuesday , which was summer solstice, on the way home the sunset was so bright I couldn't see while I was driving. It was so blinding that it was unsafe to drive, so I pulled over and took some pictures. These pictures don't show the true brightness but I thought I would share them with you.

Please send prayers out to my best friend and her girls as Roy has left this world tonight. He fought a tough fight, will be missed by so many people.
Thanks for listening to me babble tonight!


  1. well for a moment you have given him a smile on his face ellen, with your card.
    and beautiful sunset picture's.

    greetings karin

  2. What a precious thing for you to do and how Roy must have loved this card. Saying a prayer for your friend and their girls.
    Beautiful sunset! I have some photos of some beautiful sunsets taken, too. They are just too wonderful not to capture.

  3. With tears I share with you how fabulous your creation is and how positively sure I am that it brought a smile to Roy's face.

    The sunset was a remembrance to you as to how special you are. Surely a gift from Roy.

    Hugs and love,



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