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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Fun Copic Color and Ink Workshop! Thank you Copic!!

Hello Friends!

I said I would be back to share a bit about the 2 day Copic Color and Ink Workshop that I was fortunate enough to attend in Anaheim, CA. I am slow to share due to a hectic Musical Theatre schedule.

We were so lucky to have 4 AMAZINGLY CREATIVE and TALENTED Copic instructors!!!!!! That a ton of talent to gleam some artsy farty tips from. I learnt more in this class than all of the combined classes I have taken over the years!! If you ever get a chance to take this class, go for it!! You won't be disappointed! There was hand outs were stellar, with detailed instructions and photos to refer back to for each and everything covered! 

This class covered......

Doodling, Copic Faux Stone, Blowing Copic Inks, Floating Copic Inks, Copic Inked Metal, Acrylic and Driped Alcohol, Copic Coloring on Fabric, Copic ink Painting on Tiles, Pounced Ink on Metals, Copic Ink Yupo Landscapes, Copic Paint a Picture, Art Journal Stencils, Copic Airbrushing with Frisket, Airbrush a CityScape, Colorless Blender Bleaching, and my favorite.... Coloring techniques that covered.....

Age and Skin TonesCaucasian Skin Tones
Asian Skin Tones
Latino/Mediterranean/Middle East Skin Tones
African American Skin Tones
Native American Skin Tones

Hair Styles~
On the first day our instructors were Cindy Lawrence and Sherrie Siemens

On the second day our instructors were Colleen Schaan and Debbie Olson.

On a side note Colleen is a little spitfire and a hoot and a half!
Here are just some samples from the class.....

This one I didn't finish to show the under blue tone of B41 under the C9......

The tile is not done by me. It was done by one of the lovely ladies that sat with me, I wish I remembered which one. I wasn't feeling that great and didn't finish mine......

The next picture just makes me laugh. Nothing illegal going on here.....just blowing Copics~LOL

The photo above photo is 3 the ladies I had the immense pleasure of sitting with for the 2 days.....back left...that's me Ellen Taylor, Michelle who is one of the owners of The Beehive LLC in Toledo, Oregon~ She puts classes on so check it out if you are in her area, Peggy and in front and center is Janice. I also really enjoyed Kathy Jakopovich who is the owner of Peachy Keen Stamps, you can check out her store HERE. Thanks for making it a fun time ladies!!!!

Thanks again Copic for having such talented and inspiring instructors!

Click this link for upcoming........Copic Color and Ink ClassesThanks for stopping by and have a fabulous day!



  1. Looks like you had an awesome workshop and I love your blue flower. Thanks for sharing the photos, they are great. Take care & have fun practicing ! Hugs, Shirleyx

  2. This looks like alot of fun, and gleaning of things that can be done with copics!!

  3. Lucky lucky girl! Looks like a fabulous time and you've learned some awesome new techniques!


  4. Wowwwww my dear:) Fantastic colouring works, you are very lucky and talented, all image are coloured very very very very very beautifully my friend:)
    Have a wonderful day:)
    Huge hugs,

  5. beautiful work you did Ellen and great coloring.

    greetings karin

  6. Hello, Ellen! Such a wonderful blue flower!!!
    Very beautiful works!
    I sent you a letter. Hope, you'll receive it very soon :)))

  7. Ellen, looks like you had a blast in spite of illness! Your samples are gorgeous! Looks like a wonderful class...you lucky girl!

  8. Ooh, I would love to take this class. You are going to be an expert at coloring now. Blowing Copics?????? Hmmmmmmmmm.....

    I love also love that doodling class as doodling scares me and I won't even try it. Duh

    Your samples are super, girl. So glad you shared.

  9. Well I am just totally pea green with color workshop envy here, Ms. Ellen! It's clear that you had a most informative time over the 2 days. Love those samples ... including the ink blowing fun!

  10. Wow, you learned some awesome things. Sounds like you had lots of fun.

  11. What wonderful things you learned there Ellen! Love all of your sample projects!

  12. Эллен, очень здорово, что есть такое место, где можно встречаться и заниматься творчеством! Красивые фото!

  13. OMG, Ellen...your samples are all fabulous...WOW!!! Wish I could have been there...I am sooo color challenged!!! Your picture are all beautiful, too....looks like you had a great time!!!!

  14. My sweet beautiful friend,I miss you^_^
    I wait you and your creations^_^
    Huge hugs,

  15. Fun! I loved my copic classes. I don't think I got that color combo though, so I am going to have to try it out. Thanks for all the inspiration!


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